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Under article 13 of Legislative Decree 196 (30th June 2003) of Italian legislation, code for the protection of personal data.

Maskins®  is committed to protecting your privacy. With this note Maskins® wishes to inform visitors to the "" website of the policy adopted in relation to the protection of personal data, highlighting its commitment and attention with regard to the protection of the privacy of visitors to the site.

Navigating within the website is free and does not require any registration, with the exception of some areas in which the visitor can freely and expressly furnish a series of data relating to them in order to access specified services. 

Where the visitor might intend to furnish his or her own personal data in order to access such further services, he or she will be expressly informed as per article 13 of Legislative Decree 196 (30th June 2003) of Italian legislation, code for the protection of personal data, with an illustrative indication of the ends and modalities of the use of data by Maskins®, as well as the right to request the cancellation or updating of the data at any time (article 7 of the code).

The contents of the website is protected by copyright laws. Maskins® is a registered trademark. The reproduction of information, data, text or graphic elements requires the explicit consent of Maskins®. All information and data, their use and registration on the website, as well as any activity or action connected with them, are protected by Italian law. For any dispute that might arise, the exclusively competent legal forum will be that of Catania, Sicily.  

Information on the protection of personal data

Under and by effect of the Legislative Decree no.196/2001 ("Code for the protection of personal data"), Maskins provides the following information. We invite you reread it carefully each time you access the site. 


The holder responsible for the handling of personal data is Maskins®, with its registered office at via G. Vagliasindi, 64 - 95126 Catania (CT), Italy - e-mail


To access the website it is not necessary to perform any registration. However, within the site there are services that it is necessary to provide personal data in order to use: in particular, your data may be requested in order to have a sales quote or to contact us.

If Maskins® should acquire personal information and data, it will pre-emptively inform the visitor, as per article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, of the ends for which the data is requested and the ways in which it will be used. Where necessary, Maskins® will provide for obtaining the specific consent of the visitor for the relevant use of data. The visitor agrees to supply data in order to use services and/or access reserved areas of the website through the compilation of a specific registration form.

Maskins® will use the personal data gathered online only for the ends indicated in the registration stage, such as, for example:

  • sending the acquired product, news, etc.;
  • managing your account;
  • providing customer service;
  • promoting commercial initiatives, discounts and payment flexibility offers, competitions (including participant selection and the choice of winners);  
  • sending notifications of new services or of transactions made or taking place, letters of welcome, news about invoicing or surveys;
  • if you are an artist and provider of artwork to Maskins® s.n.c., prepare receipts for compensation, and identify and keep an account of the works you make available. 

For example the personal details gathered may include:

  • User name, password, surname and first name, e-mail, address, IP address, phone number;
  • at the moment of purchase: tax identification code, credit card number and address for invoicing and, only for non-private subjects, VAT number;
  • if you are an artist supplying your artwork: tax identification code or VAT number, a copy of an identification document, the particulars of the bank or financial institution necessary to make the payment to you.

With the exception of what is set out in the present privacy policy, Maskins® does not sell or distribute personal data to third parties.


The furnishing of personal data is optional. However, not furnishing data may make it impossible to access specific services and to have potential requests fulfilled.

Data related to the connection to and navigation within the website (such as the IP addresses of computers used by visitors etc.) are gathered and used in anonymous form for statistical ends only and are then cancelled. 


Data may be handled both in electronic and paper form. Maskins® guarantees the legal and correct treatment of data furnished through the website, in full respect of the laws in force, as well as the maximum privacy of the data provided on registration. The data will not be communicated or circulated to third parties except within the limits and conditions expressly indicated in the sets of information provided to the user from time to time, and with prior authorization by the user.


The present information is provided only for the website Maskins® s.n.c. and not also for other sites potentially consulted by the visitor via links. Maskins® cannot be held responsible for personal data provided by visitors to external subjects or to any websites connected via links to the present site. 

Maskins® may provide your personal data to external providers that give services of consultancy, payment management and elaboration, archiving (including computerized archiving), website hosting, delivery, polling, etc. These providers will be authorized only for related use of the data, and will protect it and refrain from using it for any other purpose. 

Maskins® uses cookies to allow you to access our services, facilitating your navigation of the site. The cookies gather information on access, on chronology of navigation, on preferences, etc., data which will not be used further once you log in. The cookies are used for various reasons, among them the recovery of data on previous visits, allowing time to be saved and avoiding the necessity of inserting the same information each time.

You may refuse the use of cookies; in such cases you may not be able to access or use some functions or interactive services offered by the site.


Your security is important to Maskins®. For this reason we always try to use every possible industrial means or standard in the protection of your data. But no transmission or archiving of data on the Internet is 100% secure. So, while we do everything possible, we cannot guarantee total security. The first in guaranteeing the security of your data and the secrecy of your password is you yourself.

We monitor website content ensuring that it is not vulgar, offensive or discriminatory and that it is in full respect of the regulations listed here, but we cannot guarantee that those who visit or website will do the same. The personal data of children and minors will be gathered only with the consent of their parents.

We invite you to signal any abuse you become aware of to us via e-mail to the address; we will arrange a solution as soon as possible. 

Under article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 of Italian legislation you have the right to obtain information from the holder on the handling of your data, and among other things:

 1) to obtain, without delay, the confirmation of the existence or otherwise of personal data regarding you;

 2) to obtain:

  • an indication of the origin of personal data, of the ends and modalities of its handling, of the logic of handling carried out with the aid of electronic equipment, of the particulars of the holder or those responsible, of subjects or categories of subjects to which the data may be communicated or to whom it may be exposed through their working capacity; the updating, or correction, of the data, and should it interest you, the integration of the data;
  • the cancellation, the transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of data handled in violation of law;

 3) to oppose, in whole or in part, the handling of personal data that regard you, calculated for commercial information, for the sending of publicity material, for direct sale, for the completion of market research or for commercial communications.

At any time you may exercise the rights outlined in article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 of Italian legislation, writing to the address

The full Italian text of Legislative Decree 30th June 2003, no. 196 is consultable on the government website for the protection of personal data, .

Maskins® reserves the right to modify all or part of the terms in this privacy policy without notice. Such modifications will be signalled on the website.

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