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Terms and conditions of use


MASKINS® is a registered trademark.

We at MASKINS® are aware of the importance of protecting the privacy of each of our users, and this is a commitment to responsibility which we assume and in which you can trust. For a complete knowledge of this subject we would ask that you read our Privacy Policy

MASKINS® respects intellectual property rights and expects users of its services to do the same. For the same reason we invite you not to upload to the website (referred to hereafter simply as the website) or to utilize any images that you do not have the reproduction rights for, or images thatare in any way offensive, that contain sexually explicit, racist or homophobic content, or that are discriminatory in any way, including descrimination on religious grounds. The user will be solely responsible for the contents of images published and printed through MASKINS®, over which MASKINS® doesn't exercise any control. MASKINS® reserves the right to refuse the printing of personalized projects that violate its policies of image management, and its judgment will be final.

The user is responsible for the use of the website's services, for every element of content provided and for all of the consequences deriving therefrom; every photograph, image, piece of information, suggestion, piece of material or other content published on the website through the use of the services, including the messages in a forum or image gallery uploaded for the creation, by MASKINS®, of personalized products on behalf of the user. It is forbidden to use the services in connection with any website other than the website of MASKINS®, or with any other means, or with any content or in relation to any activity that is sexually explicit, gratuitously violent, or pejorative of any ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or age; or that pro-actively promotes the use of pornography, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, weapons, etc.. MASKINS® rejects any activities that appear unsafe or dangerous, or against the law. 

The services of the website are destined for personal use. It is forbidden to use photos of famous characters or people. For the creation of products, the user declares and guarantees that he or she has received all the authorizations necessary for the use, modification and reproduction of all or any part of the photos or materials used to create the products, or that he or she has personally created the photo and/or image, and that such creation or use does not violate the rights of third parties or any law or copyright. If the violation of any of the aforementioned is detected, the relevant user is excluded from the website and may be persecuted according to the provisions of these terms and conditions of use or of the laws currently in force.

If you believe that your content has been copied in a way constituting violation of copyright, make it known to us, in the ways set out in attachment "A", and in these terms and conditions of use.

In such ascertained circumstances MASKINS® will close the account of the user who has caused the abuse and reserves the right to resort to legal action. 

MASKINS® reserves, moreover, the right to report to the competent authority any act that proves detrimental to human dignity, in particular any act resulting in an abuse or mistreatment of minors. 

MASKINS® permits any user to upload the image they prefer to personalise their own devices, their own home and the objects of their own personal sphere. Any other use is advised against and is made under the sole responsibility of the user. 

In particular the user agrees:

  • not to use the content or the services of the MASKINS® website for illegal purposes, or to act against the website's security or its functions;
  • not to limit or impede the use and the enjoyment of the services, including through hacking or deletions, the introduction of viruses, worms, spyware, trojan horses, time bombs, Easter eggs, or other files or programmes directed at damaging and impeding the correct functioning of any hardware, software or telecommunications equipment;
  • not to send publicity messages, sales pitches, chain letters, pyramid schemes, spam, or other unrequested commercial information;
  • not to fraudulently assume the identity of another person, or to pretend to be someone else with the aim of being able to register under a false identity; 
  • not to use any equipment, spider, search engine and/or application recovery website, or any other manual or automatic system, in order to handle or recover forms or databanks, or to reproduce or bypass the rules of correct use of the website and these terms and conditions of use;
  • not to collocate, for ends of reproduction or sharing, on social networking websites, any content of the use of services for which he or she does not possess the necessary licences on all the intellectual property rights, of privacy and of publicity.
  • any use of material connected to the website and its services that violates the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties is forbidden for any commercial purpose (including publicity) unless expressly authorized by MASKINS® in writing;

During the access to or use of the services, the user may not carry out the following operations: 

  • perform surveys or scans, test the vulnerability of any system or network, violate or bypass the security or authentication measures;
  • enter, tamper with or use areas of the services or information systems that are not public; attempt to access or use the services using any means (automatic or otherwise) that is not our website or the interfaces that are provided by MASKINS®, unless explicitly and expressly authorized to do so in a separate written agreement with MASKINS®
  • falsify any TCP/IP, package header, information, email header or address, in order to send altered, deceptive or false sources of information or of identification.

The user, at the moment of sending the order, explicitly accepts all the conditions of these terms and conditions of use and agrees that MASKINS® will not be responsible for any modification, suspension or interruption of the website or of the services provided through the website. Once an order of any kind is inserted using the website, it may not be considered accepted until the user has received a confirmation from MASKINS®. The confirmation may arrive via email. Each order will be considered enforceable for MASKINS® and binding for the user from the moment of the transfer of funds for the relevant payment. The right to cancellation with regard to purchased goods, provided by Italian legislation, is not applicable. As all the products of MASKINS® are realized with the use of images, the right to cancellation is non-applicable (see articles 4 and 5 of Legislative Decree 22/05/1999 no. 185). The abovementioned products are in the category of personalized products chosen by the user on the basis of his or her own personal taste and according to a typology and format chosen at his or her own discretion from among the vast list of suggestions present on the website. 

The replacement of products with fabrication defects or products damaged in transit may occur if the product purchased on the MASKINS® website turns out to have fabrication defects (in the case of skins, the printing of images on a form of canvas, the defects will be related to the printing), or to have been damaged during transport. The user may request a replacement of a product within a strict deadline of 7 days from receiving it by writing to the email address The email must contain the description of the product's defect or damage. 

On request from MASKINS®, the user is obliged to send back the defective or damaged product in its original packaging, whole in all its parts and undamaged further. MASKINS® reserves the right to replace the defective or damaged product or to reimburse the user, excluding postage and any other expense deriving therefrom. 

The prices published on the website include VAT but not postage costs, and are expressed in € (Euros).

The postage costs are added to the user's order during the process of confirmation, in accordance with the price list, clearly shown on the website, which forms an integral part of these terms and conditions of use. The methods of payment are those indicated on the website and are subject to change, at any time, at the final decision of MASKINS®

The prices of the products, in the case of international sales, does not include possible customs charges, intermediations or taxes that may be applied locally. Please verify local regulations before purchase.  

If the user is interested in selling their own images or making them available, he or she can contact us with an email to; the images must be in JPEG (.jpg) format.

The user who wishes, for his or her commercial activity, to purchase in order to resell our products can contact us via email at, or register in the appropriate section of the website by clicking here. He or she will be gotten back to in order to obtain the necessary information and the conditions to develop such an initiative.

The "Business" user, who for their own brand or for the personalization of their own goods, premises, sales outlets, etc., wishes to use the services of MASKINS®, may contact us via emal at, and will be gotten back to in order to obtain the necessary information and the conditions to develop such an initiative.

If MASKINS® requests the use of a password, the user is responsible for the safeguarding of the password he or she uses to access the services, and for any activity or action performed using his or her own password. We encourage you to use passwords that utilize a combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and symbols. MASKINS® cannot and will not be responsible for any loss or damage deriving from a disregard for these requisites.  


If you believe copyright has been violated and that your content has been copied, we ask that you provide us with the following information:

  • you must be the owner of the copyright or a delegate of the owner of the copyright with a written proxy to attach in copy form;
  • the signature (physical or electronic) of the owner of the copyright or the person delegated to act on his or her behalf; 
  • identification of the work protected by copyright that you believe to have been violated;
  • the identification of the material that you believe to have been violated or to have been the object of illicit activity and that must be removed or whose accessibility must be disabled, and the relevant information to permit this;
  • a declaration on your behalf that the use of the abused material is not authorized by the owner of the copyright, by his or her agent or by the law, with the attestation that the information provided is exact.
  • your address, telephone number and an email address.


In case of doubt regarding these terms and conditions of use, refer to  Maskins® at the email address

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