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Our company produces adhesive Skins made from PVC that render objects in common use unique: objects like mobile phones, electronic devices and pieces of interior design. We have a vast range of products that brings out the artistic taste of our clients in continuous evolution.    

Our Skins are personalized and perfectly moulded to entirely cover the surfaces of your mobile phone, laptop or notebook computer, iPod, iPhone, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, Sony Playstation, PSP, DS Lite or interior design.

OurSkinsare produced with high quality, extremely resistent material, versatile enough to adapt to the form of any device. 

Maskins pays the utmost attention to the choice of materials, using the products of 3M, a leader in the field, and so it’s easy to transfer the Skin. Once removed with a simple motion, it won’t leave any residue. 

Also, thanks to the material’s high technological content, the Skins will make your mobile phone waterproof, protecting it from scratches, without coming loose or tearing over time.  

The structure of the Skin, with particular grooves, stops bubbles from forming, allowing a perfect grip on the surface to be covered. represents a network that interconnects artist and client, with the client given the chance to share in the creative process of their own Skin’s production.

Our company has the technology to help the client choose their favourite form of art and to design or personalize a Skin, one that reflects their own taste and artistic leanings.

Maskins avails of the collaboration of artists and graphic designers carefully selected for their creativity and for the artistic message conveyed.

With its own network, Maskins represents a showcase which, through integration with the biggest social networks and promotion on the most famous blogs and forums of the sector, offers a further opportunity for visibility to the artists who collaborate with us, showcasing their creativity and increasing their popularity.